Farmer with laptop and cattle โ€“ Active Tag software

Access your data

 from anywhere

Our smart cloud-based software puts all data to drive performance, profitability and sustainability at your fingertips.

On-farm and online, our digital platform connects you with information about your livestock. Bolster your intuition and make precise, informed decisions that promote animal health, enable precision animal management and improve protein production.

Chad using Datamars Livestock
Livestock insights &
farm management alerts

Our intelligent systems deliver real-time information to your fingertips. 

Our software solutions help you make better-informed decisions on your farm, every day, saving time and reducing stress.

solutions for smarter farming
Solutions for
smarter farming

Our industry-leading cow monitoring software provides heat detection and health monitoring. Electric fences can be monitored and controlled from your smartphone.  

Our solutions provide peace of mind and an extra set of eyes on your farm.

Make better-informed decisions

Take action based on accurate and easy to understand information

Access your data from anywhere

Easily access your farm anywhere through our easy-to-use mobile and web applications, plus share access with staff, vets and consultants.

Seamlessly integrate your systems

Integrate with the systems you already use on farm, including sort gates and farm management software and share your animal data with staff, vets or consultants.

Get real insights in real time

The true genius of our automated, real time data lies in our industry-leading machine learning algorithm, giving you information you need, when you need it.

Connect to every
part of your farm.
Connect to every part of your farm
Connect to every part of your farm

Technology helps support herd improvement. That is how we see the collars and Datamars Livestock fitting into our business

Michelle โ€” Otorohanga, New Zealand

Family photo Michelle โ€” Otorohanga, New Zealand

We are trusting the collars and know they are not going to miss something, and thatโ€™s taking the stress off me and Dad as well.

Sarah โ€” South Canterbury, New Zealand

Sarah from South Canterbury with farmer and cattle

This system monitors the herd for us and gives us extra peace of mind. It is another way of seeing whatโ€™s happening because we are not on farm all the time to see ourselves.

Geth โ€” South Taranaki, New Zealand

Geth โ€” South Taranaki, New Zealand